How to Get The Driving License in Germany

Having a driving license in Germany is not easy, especially if you have never had a driving license or your license doesn’t accept in this country, such as Indonesia, middle east, Australia and some country in the American continent and any other countries.

Why it is not easy?

Because the safety rules are number one in Germany, in all aspects the human life, so it is not just about road safety at all. The rules in this country which famous with their soccer teams are so complicated for the people who the first time come to this land. But after a couple of years they would understand the reasons why some rules are so annoying. Life in Germany is more safety compare to other countries in the world.

For example

Wearing the helmet is mandatory for all the road user because this is so important for safety. The police will give the fine or penalty if they found that you are not using the helmet on your head while you are driving a car or any other vehicle like motorcycle and bike.

The safety limit on the road is important too, because many pedestrians and road user are on the road, so we have to concern for other road user. There are special different limit depend on which area that you will pass. In the area where near the housing complex or inside the city is maximum 50km but on the highway or toll road is not any limitation for the speed limit. Why? I got the information from the people because some of the car brand are manufactured by German Car Industry, so the costumer or the cars lovers can try and enjoying the speed which is provided from the car.

The car should be clean on the road, especially on the winter when there are some snows covering the cars, so the owner has to remove the snow first from the car before using it, otherwise it will falls when the cars are drove on the road. It would be dangerous to others.

And many other rules regarding the road safety.

How to get the German driving license?

Before we have to divide in to two groups category are :

  1. Never has a driving license because he can’t drive a car.
  2. The driving license does not accept. (in this country)

There are some step that they have to follow it :

First, all the group has to take a photograph, the eye test and the first aid accident course before join the driving course.

Second all the Group 1 has to join the class for learning how to drive a car for the beginner. So the allocated time for this group is longer than the Group 2. And the driving student should be attended in the class and after that they have to practice how to drive on the road with the accompanied by driving teachers.

Because the allocated time for Group 1 is longer than Group 2 so the cost is different. But it's not always cheaper than the group 1. It depends on how many exam that you have to take until you pass.

Third, after the teacher thinks that you are ready for the test, the are two type of the test that you have to follow it:

  1. Writing test
  2. Road test

After you pass you will get your driving license directly.

The expired date of the driving license is 15 years.

The cost for beginners is around 800 euro or more. (around 2000 or more Euro if you fail the test many times) so you have to prepare and think before join the driving course.


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