Teenager and Their Allowance

How to handle a teenager who likes to spend a lot of money for something unnecessary.

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This is a difficult situation, if the teenager couldn't deal with their own monthly allowance. Most parents have already gave money for their child, but sometimes it is still not enough. Because they always spend more than what they take in. The parents never teach their teens how to spend money wisely, before they give an allowance.

Most of all the people need money. This is nota wrong opinion, because money is the basic necessity for almost everyone in the world. However, the situation will be wrong, if they don't have their own income to pay for all their needs, like some teenagers nowadays. The impact of this situation is very worry-some.

Some of them will be become:

  1. The person who can't handle their desires for some hobbies which they can't pay for.
  2. They may become an irresponsible person for their future expenses.
  3. They would become a liar with parents and teachers.
  4. They could not manage their personal income even though when they already earn their own paycheck.

For example:

Some students, they always think that they don't have enough allowance from their parent(s), and asked them to give more and more all the time. They don't realize that the parents usually have a budget for all of their spending. Because they can't have more from their parents, they will look onto another resource. Like borrowing money from friends and bank. It becomes a problem if they couldn't pay back what they had already borrowed. Or they will start stealing from other people. This is dangerous!

Many young families, they always have a problem with their income. The income doesn't pay for all the bills. To solve the problem, they open some credit card(s), even though they don't know how to pay for the credit card bills every month.

The situation becomes worse, if they couldn't pay until due date and the interest of the credit card is very unreasonable.

This is the common family problem right now. For solving the problem, maybe parents should discuss with their teenager since an early age, when they earn their own allowance. The teens have to be responsible for all of the money that the parents have already gave them. They should have a book to make a note of all the money that they spent.

In the end they will be responsible for their life, especially with their income.


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