My First Book "Surviving Living Abroad"

Living in a foreign country is not easy. But if we prepare first before we move, it would be much easier.

my book - Maria Nereng

This book tells many stories and includes some tips on how to survive living abroad. I have already moved two times to two different countries. The differences between the two countries are not just the location, but also the weather transition surprised me, along with its culture and the major problem: Language barrier.

I still remember the first time we moved, it was much easier than the second time but I got through it as it was necessary. My husband was offered to work in Germany, which was a good opportunity for our family as it would later provide us new life experiences.

The book consists of both funny moments and sad stories. An example of a challenging situation which our family had was when we were stuck in a house that was in a dreadful state and had an eerie atmosphere, which made it seem like it was a haunted house.  It was a crucial time for us as parents; we came across many tough obstacles, which made us reconsider about our decision of whether we wanted to stay or move back.

But that is the past. Now I feel confident to share my story to other families, what and why they have to prepare before making a final decision about moving to another country. Moving to a new country will always have its challenges however, I hope this book will help your situation and limit the problems you face when you transition into a new country.

If you want to have this book in English, I will think about publishing it in English Language.

Thank you

Maria Nereng


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